Tribute Trivia!

Remember, all the answers to these quesions have been found in the tributes to the 80's!

1. Who finally took home an AA title in 1988 after finishing 2nd or 3rd at every world meet since 1985?

2. To whom can we attribute the following quote: "I owe everything that is beautiful in my life to gymnastics."?

3. Which two Bulgarian women tumbled double layouts on floor in Seoul 1988?

4. Who won two world and one Olympic event title on every event but vault? Name the years she won these medals.

5. Who tied for the AA title at the 1982 World Cup?

6. Who won two world cup AA titles in the 80's?

7. Who tied the answer to 5 for the AA title at 5's second world cup AA victory.

Bonus: How many members of the 1987 USSR men's world team at one point in their career won an AA medal at a world championships? Name them and the year. (of course, all of the answers to this question have been tributed!)

Chris Scott- December 23, 1996