Video List for eaglefire

Updated 4/20/97

Montreal Olympics - AA and EF - Gymnastics Canada

Moscow Olympics- Endo
Moscow Olympics- Japan TV

World Championships- (ABC) W- AA

Rotterdam Worlds - ABC Rotterdam Worlds - Dutch TV (AA)

Seoul Olympics- Combination of US;CBC; Oz; FRA TV

European Championships ABC
Stuttgart World Championships (SI) W Team Optionals/EF

Goodwill Games
European Championships- (SI)
Romanian International- (HV)

Junior European Championships (SI)
Indianapolis World Championships (US Coverage)
Indianapolis World Championships (SI) W EF
Aussie Cup - (aka Seiko or Nikkon Challenge/Grand Prix) Aus TV

Paris World Championships - US
Junior European Championships - Eurosport
European Championships- SI
Barcelona Olympics- Triple cast - Women's team compulsories-all teams
Barcelona Olympics- Triple cast - Women's team optionals- all teams
Barcelona Olympics- Triple cast - Women's AA and EF

Chunichi Cup (JPN TV)
Birmingham World Championships- US Coverage

European Championships - JR and Senior - Sports Image
Brisbane Individual World Championships- US coverage
Dortmund Team World Championships (SI)
Dortmund Team World Championships- US coverage
Chunichi Cup - M& W, EF- Japan TV
Goodwill Games- US TV
US vs France - US coverage- M&W
US VS Romania - NBC
TV Documentary- "What Makes Milo Fly?"

European Cup - US coverage
Sabae World Championships- Home Video
Sabae World Championships- US coverage
US vs Ukraine - USAG or Home coverage- not sure

Chunichi Cup (JPN TV)
Wild Rose International (Lots of Karpenko)
European Championships - ABC
Puerto Rico World Championships- US coverage
Puerto Rico World Championships- M & W CBC coverage
Puerto Rico World Championships- USAG Podium Training
Atlanta Olympics- TV Azteca
Atlanta Olympics- Women's Team Compulsories- NBC
Atlanta Olympics- Women's Team Optionals- NBC
Atlanta Olympics- Women's AA- NBC
Atlanta Olympics- Women's Event Finals- NBC
Atlanta Olympics- Men's High Bar and Vault -Event Finals- NBC
Atlanta Olympics- Gala- NBC
Atlanta Olympics- Gala- New Zealand Coverage (covers lots not covered by NBC)
Atlanta Olympics- USAG - on it's way
Atlanta Olympics- Training Videos- many teams- Home Video - on it's way
Atlanta Olympics- Closing Ceremonies with gym fluff and Kerri stuff- NBC
1996 Milk Gymn Gala- Belgian TV
1996 US vs World- Fox
1996 Gold Tour (Mexican TV)

American Cup- US coverage
International Team Championships- SR Women's
International Team Championships- SR Men's
International Team Championships- JR Women's


Nadia's Return to Romania

Lavinia Milosovici- chronological study- all routines ever broadcast on US TV from 1991- present- making a new one soon that includes Euros and Chunichi.

Coming soon-

1996 France International

This week:

NCAA U of Georgia vs Auburn v. Southern Utah meet, UGA v. Michigan, and SEC Championships.

in about 3 weeks:

1984 Junior Europeans
1992 Moscow Stars of the Worlds
1996 Junior Europeans - home video
1996 Puerto Rico World Championships - Endo
1996 Spain Gala

Wish List

Will consider any trade at present since I'm also looking for better quality video of a few items already on the list. However, what I am most interested in are:

1972 Olympics
1978 Worlds
any 1970's Coverage
any 1980's coverage earlier than 1987
any Junior Euros esp from 1980's
Mens Coverage- any, but the earlier the better
Any coverage of Romanian team, esp Milosovici and Dobre