Video List for eaglefire

Updated 5/5/97


Montreal Olympics - AA and EF - Gymnastics Canada


World Cup


World Championships (W)


World Cup


Moscow Olympics- Endo AA
Moscow Olympics- Japan TV


World Championships (W)(endo)


Junior Europeans


World Championships- (ABC) W- AA
Worlds EF


Rotterdam World Championships- ABC (AA,EF)
Rotterdam World Championships- Dutch TV (AA)
Rotterdam World Championships- Japan TV - Team competition- coming soon


Seoul Olympics- Combination of US;CBC;Fr
Seoul Olympics- Entire CBC Broadcast with some French


European Championships ABC
Stuttgart World Championships (SI) W Team Optionals/EF


Goodwill Games
European Championships- (SI)
European Championships- (ABC)
Romanian International- (HV)


Junior European Championships (SI)
Indianapolis World Championships (US Coverage)
Indianapolis World Championships (SI) W EF
Aussie Cup - (aka Seiko or Nikkon Challenge/Grand Prix) Aus TV


Paris World Championships - US
Junior European Championships - Eurosport
Moscow Stars of the Worlds
European Championships- SI
European Championships- ABC
Barcelona Olympics- Triple cast - Women's team compulsories-all teams
Barcelona Olympics- Triple cast - Women's team optionals- all teams
Barcelona Olympics- Triple cast - Women's AA and EF


JR Europeans
Chunichi Cup (JPN TV)
Birmingham World Championships- US Coverage


European Championships - JR and Senior - Sports Image
American Cup
Mixed Pairs
Brisbane Individual World Championships- US coverage
Brisbane Individual World Championships- Home Video
Dortmund Team World Championships (SI)
Dortmund Team World Championships- US coverage
Dortmund Team World Championships - Home Video
Chunichi Cup - M& W, EF- Japan TV
Goodwill Games- US TV
US vs France - US coverage- M&W
US VS Romania - NBC
TV Documentary- "What Makes Milo Fly?"


DTB Cup- all (M&W)
Messe Cup
European Cup - US coverage
Sabae World Championships- Home Video
Sabae World Championships- US coverage
US vs Ukraine - USAG
Chunichi Cup (JPN TV)


Junior Europeans - home video
Chunichi Cup (JPN TV)
Wild Rose International (Lots of Karpenko)
European Championships - ABC
Puerto Rico World Championships- US coverage
Puerto Rico World Championships- M & W CBC coverage
Puerto Rico World Championships- USAG Podium Training
Puerto Rico World Championships - Endo
Atlanta Olympics- TV Azteca
Atlanta Olympics- Women's Team Compulsories- NBC
Atlanta Olympics- Women's Team Optionals- NBC
Atlanta Olympics- Women's AA- NBC
Atlanta Olympics- Women's Event Finals- NBC
Atlanta Olympics- Men's High Bar and Vault -Event Finals- NBC
Atlanta Olympics- Gala- NBC
Atlanta Olympics- Gala- New Zealand Coverage (covers lots not covered by NBC)
Atlanta Olympics- USAG - on it's way
Atlanta Olympics- Training Videos- many teams- Home Video - on it's way
Atlanta Olympics- Closing Ceremonies with gym fluff and Kerri stuff- NBC
1996 Milk Gymn Gala- Belgian TV
1996 US vs World- Fox
1996 Gold Tour (Mexican TV) 1996 Spain Gala


American Cup- US coverage
Wild Rose - local cable coverage bought from station
International Team Championships- SR Women's
International Team Championships- SR Men's
International Team Championships- JR Women's
World Professional Champs (Minneapolis- network coverage) Romanian Nationals


NCAA meets- U of Georgia vs Auburn v. Southern Utah meet, UGA v. Michigan, and SEC Championships.

Nadia's Return to Romania
Inside Soviet Gymnastics
Lavinia Milosovici- chronological study- all routines ever broadcast on US TV from 1991- present- making a new one soon that includes Euros and Chunichi.

Coming Soon

1997 Canada World Trials HV

Wish List

Will consider any trade at present since I'm also looking for better quality video of a few items already on the list. However, what I am most interested in are:

1972 Olympics
1978 Worlds
any 1970's Coverage
any 1980's coverage earlier than 1987
any Junior Euros esp from 1980's
Mens Coverage- any, but the earlier the better
Any coverage of Romanian team, esp Milosovici and Dobre