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Brampton, Ontario, L6R 1E6
Phone: (905)458-0834


1993 to present

Completed fourth year at York University, North York, Ontario. Enrolled in a five year programme, leading to a B.A. in French Studies and Linguistics and a B.Ed in the primary junior division. Currently maintaining a high B+ average, including several As and A+s in my major.

1988 to 1993

Completed O.S.S.D (high school) at Mayfield Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario. Graduated as an Ontario Scholar with an OAC average of 89%. Through this outstanding average, earned a full tuition scholarship for my first year from York University.


1995 to present

Employed by the Learning Disabilities Programme at York University as a tutor. Responsibilities are planning for weekly tutoring sessions with my students, tutoring for one hour increments with each student each week where we work on language and developmental skills.

May 1996 to October 1996

Worked in the food services department at Paramount Canada's Wonderland. Duties included cash handling, operating the cash register, dealing with the public, some food preparation (using the deep fryers to cook french fries and chicken), cleaning duties.

1994 to 1995

Worked these two summers in the Games department of Paramount Canada's Wonderland. Duties consisted of encouraging guests to play the games, demonstrating how to play, making change, and cash handling.


May 1 1994 to June 28 1994
May 1 1995 to June 28 1995

Volunteered in a Grade Two French Immersion class at Folkstone Public School in Brampton. Main task was working with the children one on one at the reading centre and helping with their French pronunciation and reading comprehension. Also helped the students in other subject areas such as math and writing as well as teaching some grammar lessons to the entire class.



  1. 1992: Mayfield Secondary School Language Club Scholarship
  2. 1993: Graduated as Ontario Scholar from Mayfield Secondary School
  3. 1995: York University Department of French Studies Linguistics Achievement Award
  4. 1995: Nominated for position as Academic Advisor for Founder's College at York University
  5. 1995: Ontario Public School Teacher's Federation 75th Anniversary Bursary Award


Mariette Gratton, Teacher at Folkstone Public School
Cathy Fraser, Special Ed Teacher at Folkstone Public School
Olav Vanderzon, Toronto Reference Library

* Contact information for references upon request